• Online course: 27 June – 16 August

    Ayurvedic nutrition course
    with Shanti Kumar Kamlesh

Ayurveda Nutrition Online Course

With S. K. Kamlesh, Ayurveda Acharya

Saturdays and Sundays, 27 June – 16 August 2020

11:30 am – 1 pm, Central European Time (CET)

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Shanti Kumar Kamlesh

Ayurvedic nutrition with Dr Kamlesh | Ashram de Yoga Sivananda | Yoga | France

Shanti Kumar Kamlesh is a 7th-generation Ayurveda Master. He graduated from Nagarjun Ayurvedic College in Lucknow, and has been teaching the fundamentals of the Ayurveda science of life, Ayurvedic cooking classes, and giving personal health consultations at Sivananda Yoga Centers worldwide for over 20 years.

The schedule (central european time)

Part 1

Sat 27 June     Introduction to Ayurveda, three body types, five element theory (PowerPoint show)
Sun 28 June  Philosophy and history of Ayurveda (lecture)
Sat 4 July    Healing property of spices (PowerPoint show)
Sun 5 July    Healing property of herbs (PowerPoint show)

Part 2

Sat 11 July    Eight branches of Ayurveda, the seven Dhatus (or vital fluids of the body)
Sun 12 July  The concept of the six tastes (PowerPoint show)
Sat 18 July    Vegetarianism and Ayurveda (lecture)
Sun 19 July    Daily and seasonal regimens (to balance each body type) (lecture)

Part 3

Sat 25 July    Nutritional value of food items (lecture)
Sun 26 July  Ayurveda cooking class
Sat 1 Aug    Causes and prevention of diseases (through purification of the body) (lecture)
Sun 2 Aug    Ayurveda cooking class

Part 4

Sat 8 Aug    Nutritional value of food items (lecture)
Sun 9 Aug  Ayurveda cooking class
Sat 15 Aug    Causes and prevention of diseases (through purification of the body) (lecture)
Sun 16 Aug    Ayurveda cooking class

Language: English with simultaneous translation into German, French and Spanish

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Participation fee: 54 € for each part or 200 € for the whole course

As all our current online activities, the programme will also be taught through zoom.

The daily programme with zoom links will be sent 24 hours in advance.

Registration and payment

Ayurveda Nutrition Online Course

200€ for full course

54€ for each part


Ayurveda Nutrition course online

27 June – 16 August 2020

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