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With Vaidya Sankar Sreelal and Vaidya Poornima Sreelal

Ayurveda experts from Kerala, India

Over many generations, Ayurveda has developed simple and effective methods of natural cleansing in tune with the seasons. The aim is to eliminate toxins, rejuvenate your system, minimize imbalances and prevent disease.

Live and online every Saturday, 27 April – 1 June 2024, 9:00am — 10:30am

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Saturday, 2 March from 9am – 10:30am (CEST)

Ayurvedic Spring Detox

  • Class 1 – Teaches external body cleaning methods
  • Class 2 – Transition diet pattern needs to be followed during seasonal shifts
  • Class 3 to 5 – Diet pattern needs to be followed in the Spring season
  • Class 6 – Mind cleaning techniques and diet tips for a constructive positive mindset

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Guest speakers

Ayurveda : Treasure for Health | Ashram de Yoga Sivananda | Yoga | France

Dr. Sankar Sreelal was born in a traditional Ayurveda practitioner’s family in Kerala. Apart from clinical practice, because of his analytical approach, he’s interested in applying IT in Ayurveda. He did his post-graduate work in bioinformatics.

Dr. Poornima Sreelal is a leading Ayurvedic dietary consultant. She comes from a traditional healer’s family. After her graduation in Ayurveda, she specialised in Clinical nutrition and dietetics. She works on applied nutrition for curative purposes.

Course programme

External body cleaning methods

27 April

  • Daily routine in Spring based on Dosha body types
  • Waking up and regular morning routines sequence
  • Clearing the external orifices – eyes, nose, and mouth (anjana, nasya, kabala, gandoosha)
  • Doing self-body massage, self-powder scrub, and bathing – Ayurvedic view

Transition diet pattern during seasonal shifts

4 May

  • What is Rithu sandhi? – Season shifting period. The need to correct our routines with the seasons
  • Adaptive food habits are to be followed in the first ten days after the new moon of each seasonal shift
  • Key nutrient requirements during this period

Diet pattern in the Spring season

11 May

  • Diet pattern for the Spring season, part 1
  • Detox ingredients that need to be used for different body types/Dosha imbalances
  • Preparing detox tea for different body types/Dosha disturbance

18 May

  • Eating pattern for the Spring season, part 2
  • Preparing detox thali (meal) for each dosha type. (Thali means a combination of different dishes that give complete nutrients)

25 May

  • Eating pattern for the spring season, part 3
  • Therapeutic diet for common seasonal diseases in Spring
  • Diet for upper respiratory tract infection
  • Diet for allergies in Spring
  • Diet for weight reduction. As Spring is considered to be a kapha-reducing period, it is the best time to follow a weight-reducing diet pattern

Mind cleaning techniques and diet tips for a constructive positive mindset

1 June

  • What is Chethana (consciousness)?
  • Mind cleaning procedure
  • Diet tips to follow in the Spring season for a relaxed & productive mind

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Language: English with simultaneous translation into German, French and Spanish

Participation fee (6 classes): 99 €

As all our current online activities, the programme will also be taught through zoom.

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Ayurvedic Nutraceuticals

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Ayurvedic Nutraceuticals

27 April – 1 June 2024

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