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Further Training for Yoga Teachers: Teaching Skills – Experiencing, identifying and overcoming limitations

Monday, September 21  Thursday, September 24

Further Training for Yoga Teachers: Teaching Skills – Experiencing, identifying and overcoming limitations

21 September – 24 September, 2020

Arrival: 3pm, Monday 21 September
Departure: 2pm, Thursday 24 September




Rates for 3 nights all included => tent space 219 €, shared room 252 €, double room 291 €, double room with bathroom 351 €, single room 351 €, single room with bathroom 402 €

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To develop a deeper asana practice we need to become aware of and understand our own limitations and the limitations of our students. What we will find is that limitations are not a bad thing but rather something to challenge us, to help us grow. This is especially true when a limitation cannot be overcome in a traditional sense. By simply taking the time to experience our own physical condition and accepting it can we can develop strength and flexibility on a deeper level.

This course will seek to understand the main limitations which we may encounter in our own practice or with our students. We will focus mainly on workshops which help us to feel and understand 3 common categories of limitations as well as exercises, practices and tools to overcome the limitation when possible:

  • Physical
    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Physical condition
  • Mental
    • Willpower
    • Fear
  • Understanding
    • Feeling

Daily Schedule

8:00 – Pranayama and Asana class with focus on deepening and developing pranayama practice

12:00 -14:00 – Theory and practical workshop to understand and experience the main limitations. Also explained will be teaching tools to be practiced in a teaching setting in the afternoon class

16:00 How to teach session in teaching groups with emphasis on demonstrating understanding of the noon workshop and applying teaching methods.

The rest of the programme follows the regular ashram schedule

“Action without understanding will not bring power. Blind Faith will not bring power. mechanical action, or blind faith, is not the purpose of yoga. We have both theory and practice: theory to understand and the practice behind it. When you practice with proper understanding and physical discipline you become strong physically, mentally and spirituality.” – Swami Vishnudevananda

With certificate of participation.

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Narayana joined the Ashram team four years ago and has since then contributed greatly to the Ashram development through his love for asanas and all aspects of yoga, his organizational skills, his balanced and positive nature and his commitment to serve the Ashram in whichever way possible.


Monday, September 21
Thursday, September 24


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