Live Online Course: Hatha Yoga and Lifestyle

Swami Sivadasananda, Yoga Acharya

Live Online Course: Hatha Yoga and Lifestyle

Yoga and Metabolic Disorders

21 May to 12 June | Four sessions

Tuesday 21 May : 6PM

Tuesday 28 May : 8PM

Tuesday 4 June : 8PM

Wednesday 12 June : 6PM

A weekly live online practice of Hatha Yoga for intermediate to advanced practitioners


Practice of Hatha Yoga

Each live session consists of a concise practice sequence of detailed pranayama, sun salute and asanas with variations, ending with deep relaxation and a short meditation.

The practical focus for the next four sessions will be: Yoga and Metabolic Disorders

Hypertension, obesity, insulin resistance and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) – together they are called the “metabolic syndrome”. The preventive effects of a vegetarian or vegan diet have been documented for several decades in studies which are increasingly conclusive. After a relaxing yoga practice, the nervous system is more balanced. You will then be well prepared to learn fresh and simple plant-based recipes.

  • Day 1 Asanas, breathing and relaxation to lower blood-pressure
  • Day 2 Asanas with massage effects of the abdominal area
  • Day 3 Asanas to tone the pancreas
  • Day 4 Asanas and pranayama to increase your blood circulation

Study and Theory

  • Day 1 The epidemic of hypertension. Which foods to avoid.
    Presenting an easily digestive evening soup
  • Day 2 From high carb to weight gain. Which foods to avoid.
    Presenting healthy full grain carbohydrate alternatives
  • Day 3 From insulin resistance to diabetes. How to reduce the risk factors.
    Presenting easy combinations of plant protein and carbohydrates
  • Day 4 from high cholesterol to heart disease and stroke. The success story of Dr Dean Ornish’s life style change programme.
    Presenting the use of healthy oils in some simple recipes

Questions and Answers : In each session you can ask questions either directly by live chat, or by sending an email prior to the class. Further guidance is possible occasionally in a separate one to one zoom consultation on donation basis.

Classes will be taught in English with translation into German, French and Spanish.

Before each session, you will receive a copy of the teaching material in the four course languages.

By the end of the week, the youtube link of the video recording will be sent.

Participation fee: four sessions, 52€.

Like all of our current online courses, the program will also be taught via Zoom.


Hatha Yoga and Lifestyle

with Swami Sivadasananda, Yoga Acharya

Register: 21 May to 12 June