Live Online Course: Hatha Yoga Inspirations

Swami Sivadasananda, Yoga Acharya

Dynamic Body-Mind Visualization

Inspiration from yoga literature and a practical part with a focus on an asana sequence or a pranayama exercise.

Tuesday, 16 March to 6 April 2021

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM Central European Time (CET) 

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Hatha Yoga Inspirations

This online course combines:

30 minutes study of yoga literature

45 minutes of simple practice of asana and pranayama

15 minutes questions and answers

For intermediate to advanced practitioners, with Swami Sivadasananda

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The schedule

First day: 13th April

The Earth Principle

Earth is matter in it´s most dense and solid state. In the body it corresponds to bones, joints, muscles and organs.
Spinal alignment and healthy joints
Muscle relaxation, Stretching and Contraction


Second day: 20th of April

The Water Principle

Up to 80% of the body consists of water. Hidden under the surface of the skin, the circulatory system is one of the greatest wonders of the body.

  • Yoga and the Heart
  • Yoga and the Endocrine System

    Third day: 27th of April

    The Fire Principle

    The body can survive only within a very narrow marging of temperature variance.

  • Adjusting body temperature with pranayama
  • The Air Principle
    The body can survive without food and even without water for a considerable length of time, yet without oxygen, life will stop within a matter of minutes.

  • Developing your vital capacity
    Fourth day: 4th of May

    The Ether Principle

    Quantum physics demonstrates that most of the atom consists of empty space. This corresponds to the idea of the five-element-theory that ether or space makes up a large part of our body.

  • From the gross to the subtle
  • Vital energy (prana) as a bridge to the mind
    Classes will be taught in English with translation into German, French and Spanish.

    Participation fee: 39 € for the full course.

    Like all of our current online courses, the program will also be taught via Zoom.


    Hatha Yoga Inspirations

    16 March to 6 April 2021

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