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Meditation to strengthen the mind

Meditation to strengthen the mind

Overreaction to words and jumping to conclusions are weakness of the mind. The vrittis, the thought waves, must be restrained, not only during meditation, but at all times. One must be particularly wary of praise, for this too is verbal delusion and the ego is ever ready to pounce on any opportunity to see itself as better or different from others. (Excerpt from “Vishnudevananda Upadesa” by Swami Vishnudevananda)

Meditation allows us to live in harmony in society. Meditation is a time tested tool that helps to calm down the mind. Having an uplifting object of concentration for a span of time strengthens the mind. During the exercise of meditation, for all beginners, time and again, the mind will wander. Bringing it back to the focus point and object builds a positive habit. This exercise should be taken outside the yoga mat into daily life. Throughout the day, by putting full interest in any act, from the smallest tasks to the largest ones, we enhance our concentration span. Topping it up with the right attitude, every task carried in our life becomes aligned with the universe.

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