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Permaculture at the Ashram

Contributing to a sustainable future

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For nearly three years, the Ashram has been engaged in the adventure of permaculture. We have dedicated a whole area of the Ashram to this project. First of all, we worked out a plan with a specialist to develop a food forest: to cultivate species of fruit, flowers and vegetables, some of which are not well known but which are adapted to our climate and rich in nutrients.

Alongside this project, we have installed a large greenhouse in which we grow traditional, fully organic vegetables, fruit and herbs. We have set up a whole area of market gardening behind our temple. The vegetables benefit from all the good vibrations of the mantras and pujas that take place in the temple every day. We also grow flowers for the temple ceremonies. We have installed a pond to bring in biodiversity.

The project developed rapidly, to the delight of all those who came to stay at the ashram.

Participate in this project

join us as an intern

The Ashram is currently seeking one or more interns to participate in this project.
We are looking for people who are ideally on a spiritual path and at the same time wish to develop their knowledge and skills in permaculture.
We have a dedicated project person on site who will train the interns.
Are you interested?

Training in live soil market gardening techniques on the farm of the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in France

Would you like to become a market gardener or crop manager on a permaculture farm? Why not start by training at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram’s micro-farm on the edge of the Orléans National Forest?

Yoga and permaculture

Themed courses

We offer two workshops to help you discover permaculture and recharge your batteries with yoga classes, meditation sessions and healthy vegetarian food.

The lectures and workshops on the theme of permaculture will be led by Sankara (Frédéric Sauvadet).

We invite you to join us either for week-ends of yoga and permaculture (teachings in French) (13 – 16 July, 17 – 20 August and 12 – 15 October) or from 15 to 22 September.