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Permaculture at the Ashram


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In 2018, after a visit to the ferme du Bec Hellouin, we decided to transform part of the garden of the Sivananda yoga ashram in Neuveille-aux-Bois, near Orléans, France into an agro-ecological farm. We hired a full-time market gardener and decided on the first investments: define a perimeter, install a complete greenhouse (seeding table, irrigation etc.), buy numerous hand tools, carry out the first plantings of fruit trees and develop a vegetable production program in line with the needs of the ashram.

In 2020, small revolution: a new design, even closer to the “Bec Hellouin” model. The farm entered a more professional phase: crop densification, new technical routes, increase in ecological niches to support fertility, plant health, soil dynamics, (pond, flower strips, program around natural fertility), new equipment (chaff cutter and grelinette, very ergonomic hand tools), washing station for tools and vegetables and the expansion of the cultivated areas. The farm became more productive, easy to live on and even more beautiful and more integrated into the ashram; a true haven of peace overflowing with life and very productive.

In 2022, our market gardener chose to leave his position to create his own farm. This is also part of our farm approach: to serve as a springboard for the creation of other places of abundance! Bhaskara took over bringing his own experience developed around the world. The farm gradually took on the colours of its new servant. It appeared to us that, in a place of transmission like an ashram, our permaculture project would not be complete without a transmission component.

In September 2022, we create our first “Yoga and permaculture” training course, an intensive training of approximately 70 hours over seven full days. Half is devoted to yoga in all its aspects. The other half is devoted to permaculture: one conference per day on the fundamental principles (soil dynamics, fertility, ecosystem services, design, human permaculture) and practical workshops in the farm gardens with the vegetable gardener and his team. [more about the courses].

The farm, which started as a small vegetable garden, has now become a place producing full of prana vegetables and fruits. It is also a refuge for an ever more varied and invigorating biodiversity, a serving eco-system responding to the climate challenge by carbon sequestration in our soils and a place for the transmission of knowledge.

Participate in this project

Join us as an intern

The ashram is currently seeking one or more interns to participate in this project. We are looking for people who are ideally on a spiritual path and at the same time wish to develop their knowledge and skills in permaculture. We have a dedicated project person on site who will train the interns. Are you interested? Contact us at volunteerfrance@sivananda.net

Yoga and permaculture


We offer courses “Yoga & permaculture” to help you discover permaculture and recharge your batteries with yoga classes, meditation sessions and healthy vegetarian food. The lectures and workshops on the theme of permaculture will be led by Sankara (Frédéric Sauvadet).

In 2024, we offer two formats :

  • five weekends of three whole days
  • two courses of seven whole days

The 2024 dates are: