Sivaratri – the night of Siva

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Sivaratri - The Night of Siva

Online and Live

1 March 2022 | 8pm – midnight

Free participation

This festival is observed in honor of Lord Siva.

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During this evening dedicated to Lord Siva, there will be pujas, bhajans, stories and mantra chanting.

  • « O Shiva! you are my Self. My mind is Parvati. My Pranas are your servants. My body is your house. My actions in this world are your worship. My sleep is Samadhi. My walk is circumambulation of you. My speech is your prayer. Thus do I offer all that I am to you »

    – Swami Sivananda

Explanations will be given in English, possibly with translation into German, French and Spanish.

Participation : free

Like all our current online activities, the programme will also be given via zoom.


Sivaratri – The Night of Siva

1 March 2022