Online Course: The Eternal Journey of the Soul,
What have you inherited from your Ancestors?

Prof. Marilyn Rossner

Saturdays and Sundays, 7 – 15 August 2021

6 pm – 8 pm, Central European Summer Time (CEST)

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Prof. Marilyn Rossner

The Eternal Journey of the Soul with Dr. Marilyn Rossner | Ashram de Yoga Sivananda | Yoga | France

Prof. Marilyn Rossner has the gift of intuitive vision since an early age. She is a retired Professor of Special Education, Behavioral Therapist, Special Educator and Yoga Therapist. Dr. Marilyn Rossner is co-founder of the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences in Montreal, Canada. Her teaching is based on close to 60 years of personal practice of yoga and meditation.

Join Marilyn in an interactive online course on the yogic teachings on life after death. Marilyn will share her knowledge of mysticism and life after death experiences as well as practical advice for life on this plane.

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What have you inherited from your Ancestors?

The schedule

Day 1    Our ancestral inheritage

  • How we attract it
  • How it is transferred
  • Day 2    The ancestral gifts of strength and courage

  • How to identify them
  • How to nurture them
  • Day 3    Ancestral tragedies and tribulations

  • How to break bondage and identification with ancestral influences
  • Day 4    When ancestral inheritage results in addictions, fears and phobias

  • How to identify them
  • How to free yourself
  • Each session will consist of an inspirational presentation, practical exercises and questions and answers.

    The course will be translated simultaneously into German, French, Spanish and possibly Italian, Russian, Polish and Lithuanian.

    Participation fee: 72 € for the whole course

    As all our current online activities, the programme will also be taught through zoom.


    The Eternal Journey of the Soul online course

    7 – 15 August 2021

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