Yoga and Study

Yoga and Study course

Four weeks at the ashram

A residential programme of 4 weeks at the at the Ashram de Yoga Sivananda

With certificate of participation for 250 hours

Practice – Study – Share!

You have experienced the benefits of a regular yoga practice and wish to immerse yourself in an all-round yogic life in a spiritual community? This training program is just the right course for you.

This new programme allows you to deepen your Yoga experience while living in the inspiring and protected atmosphere of the Ashram:

  • have daily Satsangs and share the warm connection and support of a spiritual community
  • expand your knowledge of Yoga through two hours of guided study time daily under the supervision of experienced teachers
  • participate in the Asana & Pranayama classes and advance in your personal practice
  • create and reinforce positive lifestyle habits such as a yogic diet, regularity of practice and developing positive thought patterns
  • contribute your talents through Karma Yoga (selfless service)

We offer three different modules of four weeks each.

You can choose to come for one module only or make it a longer stay and participate in two or all three modules in the combination of your choice.


Modules for the course

Themes and dates in 2023

Themes and dates

Saturday 15 April – Saturday 13 May:

Thought power – the art of positive thinking

Saturday 13 May – Saturday 10 June:

Meditation and Mantras – the Yogic journey to the soul

Saturday 10 June – Saturday 8 July:

Bhagavad Gita – a guide to living a fulfilled life

Study contents

Module 1 : Thought power – the art of positive thinking

Study material
“Thought power” by Swami Sivananda; “Bliss Divine” by Swami Sivananda

• the nature of thoughts and the workings of the mind
• the three Gunas (qualities of nature)
• Karma: the universal law of cause and effect
• the power of positive thinking
• how to overcome negative behaviour patterns and establish positive habits
• practical exercises for positive thinking
• ethical foundations for a peaceful mind
• positive thinking in action
• conquest of anger and fear
• Vedanta: the highest form of positive thinking

Module 2 : Meditation and Mantras – the Yogic journey to the soul

Study material
“Meditation and Mantras” by Swami Vishnu-devananda; “The Sivananda book of meditation” by Sivananda Yoga

• What is meditation?
• Practical guide to meditation
• How to develop concentration
• Meditation in daily life
• Samadhi– the super conscious state
• Mantras: words of power and how to use them
• How to choose a personal mantra
• What is mantra initiation
• Kirtan Workshop: learn the spiritual chants of the Sivananda tradition
• How to create a spiritual environment at home

Module 3 : Bhagavad Gita – a guide to living a fulfilled life

Study material
The Bhagavad Gita is one of the most important yoga scriptures and contains the essence of all Yoga philosophy and teachings.

• Study the Bhagavad Gita chapter by chapter and verse by verse
• The philosophical and historical setting of the Bhagavad Gita
• How to face challenges and overcome obstacles
• The immortality of the soul
• The yoga of action: accepting one’s duties in life
• The golden middle path – how to avoid extremes
• Life after death and reincarnation
• The Yoga of wisdom

Practical information

Daily schedule

6am    Meditation, mantras chanting, conference (Satsang) or Silent walk

8am  Asanas and Pranayama

10am    Brunch

10:45am – 1:45pm    Karmayoga (3 hours)

2pm – 4pm   Break

4pm – 6pm  Study time

6pm    Diner

8pm  Meditation, mantras chanting, conference (Satsang) or Silent walk

The schedule is subject to change. One day off per week.

Study time

  • two hours of group study on five days per week
  • on the 6th day the supervising teachers will do a revision of the topics studied, answer questions and explain the topics for the upcoming week
  • every two weeks there is the possibility to meet a senior teacher for a personal talk of 30 minutes
  • all participants keep a spiritual dairy in order to receive guidance in their practice by the supervising teachers

Practical information

  • Teaching language: French and English
  • Prerequisite: Yoga Teachers’ Training Course or a minimum of one week of yoga vacation at the Ashram
  • Interview by phone or video chat after the online application has been reviewed
  • Valid health insurance for France
  • Tuition fee per module (4 weeks, includes meals and accommodation):
      shared room (3-5 beds): 900 €
      single room with bathroom: 1700 €
  • reduced fee for the participation in all three modules:
      shared room (3-5 beds): 2500 €
      single room with bathroom: 4600 €
  • Valid until 31 July 2023
  • Contact: orleansadmin@sivananda.net
  • online application form: www.sivanandaorleans.org

Payment options

When and how

A down payment of 100 € is required to confirm the application. The final payment is due one week before the start of the course. Payments can be done by

• Visa or Mastercard
• French cheque, payable to: Centre de Yoga Sivananda. Please stick a note to it with your name and the term “Yoga & Study””. Send it to: Ashram de Yoga Sivananda, 26 impasse du Bignon, 45170 Neuville aux bois.
• Bank transfer, payable to: Centre de Yoga Sivananda. Please include in the subject line your name and the term “Yoga & Study”. Bank details: Crédit Agricole, RIB: AGRIFRPP848, IBAN: FR7614806000247001872739501

What to bring


• Towel
• Yoga mat (also available in the Yoga boutique upon arrival)
• Meditation cushion (also available in the Yoga boutique upon arrival)
• Meditation shawl or blanket (also available in the Yoga boutique upon arrival)
• Japa mala (prayer) beads (also available in the Yoga boutique upon arrival)
• Pen and notebook
• Water bottle and travel mug or tumbler (for hot tea)
• Slip-on sandals or slippers (indoor-only)
• Both comfortable and warm clothes which cover shoulders and knees
• Rain gear
• Walking shoes for relaxed nature walks
• Personal toiletries
• Ear plugs (the ashram is a shared environment)
• Alarm clock
• Flashlight
• Laptop
• for TTC graduates: TTC manual and TTC uniform


Books to bring or purchase upon arrival

• for module 1 positive thinking:

    “Thought power” by Swami Sivananda
    “Bliss Divine” by Swami Sivananda

• for module 2 Meditation and Mantras

    Meditation and Mantras by Swami Vishnudevananda
    The Sivananda book of meditation by Sivananda Yoga

• for module 3 Bhagavad Gita :

    hagavad Gita with the commentary by Swami Sivananda


Yoga and Study

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